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#getoutside2019 Blog Series- Joe Donoghue

It’s Friday!! As you all know that means it’s time for the #getoutside2019 blog series. Brought to you by the maniacs at, Revelry Outdoor Equipment Co. and us.

As you all know we are big fans of pups here. There’s nothing better than having one of our faithful companions out with us on a trip. It just so happens that this time around we have a piece from Joe Donoghue as he sits and ponders “is my dog ready for canoe”

“Here is something I was thinking about today as I walked my dog through the forest. I have never taken my dog in my canoe. It’s been a number of years now, and finally I am at the point where I want to take my little companion out for a paddle.

The reason I haven’t done it yet – I bought myself a dream canoe, 16’ Swift Prospector finished in kevlar and carbon fibre, I love it, and absolutely baby it!

So here I am, asking myself – is my dog ready?! So, I have come up with a pretty simple guide to figure out if your dog is ready based on simple yes and no’s.

Go through this checklist, and figure out if it’s time!

1. Can your dog swim?

2. Does your dog like water? Can he/she handle current?

3. Does your dog like car rides?

4. Will your dog jump out of the boat?

5. If your dog decided to jump out, could you lift him/her back in?

These are all questions I am asking myself. personally, I have a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), and a Rottweiler. Most of the questions are all no for the Rottie, but the Blue Heeler, I think is good to go!

So what’s stopping me?

Well, I will dig a bit more into the questions with some answers, from my perspective.

1. Should I strap a PFD on my dog?

I personally won’t. I am comfortable with my dogs swimming skill. I have seen her fight current, and use current on a river to her advantage. If anything, the PFD will limit my dogs abilities, and probably freak her out!

2.My dog loves water! She doesn’t hesitate to jump into the water, even on the coldest days. She loves chasing toys and returning them, it’s a breed characteristic. So, check!

3.Kind of, she is always right by me – which is a concern. This means she’ll probably be on my lap for the first little while as I paddle!

4 & 5. Definitely. Knowing my dog, she’ll want to play with the toy and use my canoe as a diving board. She’s strong enough to fight the current, I am quick enough to catch her, and she’s small enough I can easily lift her into the boat after. The Rottweiler on the other hand, scared of bath tubs, and weighs about 90lbs!

All-in-all, I do believe my dog is the perfect canoe and camp companion.

What about you? “

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